Wybierz język Polski English


  The company has over 15 years experience in teaching children and adults to swim as well as conducting classes for pregnant women, rehabilitation and helping fight obesity through exercise in water.

  Classes are conducted in swimming pools in Lublin and in Włodawa by qualified instructors with many years of experience.

Swimming lessons for children

  Swimming lessons are held according to age groups with differing degrees of difficulty. Classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere, allowing the children to quickly grasp the ability to swim, in return giving them great satisfaction.

  There is also the possibility of swimming lessons for children with disabilities. Such activities are run by people with special skills, adapting the curriculum to individual swimming possibilities of the child. By using appropriate methods almost all children with disabilities are able to swim, giving them great joy and opportunity the to improve mobility.

Swimming lessons for adults

  You can join a group learner swimmers or alternativley participate in individual classes. Classes in the groups are intended for adults regardless of skill levels. Due to the individual approach to each trainee, you can join the group at any time.

Learning to swim in English

  Learning to swim in the English language takes place within the individual classes.

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